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I'm having problems using the gluUnProject and gluProject functions
from lua on NT. I get a "0x0000 memory could not be read" error.
The code looks like this: (written from what I remember(

-- the viewport, and matrices are already setup
local x = 0
local y = 0
local z = 0
local rx = gllCreateBuffer(1, GL_DOUBLE)
local ry = gllCreateBuffer(1, GL_DOUBLE)
local rz = gllCreateBuffer(1, GL_DOUBLE)

local model = gllCreateBuffer(1,GL_DOUBLE,{glGet(GL_MODEL_MATRIX))
local proj  = gllCreateBuffer(1,GL_DOUBLE,{glGet(GL_MODEL_MATRIX))
local view  = gllCreateBuffer(1,GL_DOUBLE,{glGet(GL_MODEL_MATRIX))

gluProject(x, y, z, model, proj, view, rx, ry, rz)

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?