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I sent a message about a hex conversion bug using tonumber(...,16) a
couple of weeks ago.  I know one person on the list got the message 
from, but it isn't in the arachive and there was no responce from the
list.  Are my messages getting through?  Why aren't _any_ of my postings
in the archive? 

The bug BTW was that strtoul needs to be used instead of strtol in the 
number conversion, since I don't think people want to specify negative 
numbers in hex and they might want to specify large positive ones.

Russ Webb

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

> Our bug file for 3.2, till now:
> ** lmathlib.c
> Wed Aug 18 11:28:38 EST 1999
> >> random(0) and random(x,0) are wrong (0 is read as no argument!).
> (by Dave Bollinger; since 3.1)
> ** lparser.c
> Thu Sep  2 10:07:20 EST 1999
> >> in the (old) expression << ls->fs->f->consts[checkname(ls)] >>, checkname
> could realloc f->consts.
> (by Supratik Champati; since 3.2 beta)