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 >> I put Lua in a .DLL, then link my C++ Builder app
 >> You can even load up the tool .DLL explicitly rather than linking to it

   Are you practicing for opening up your own psychic hotline?  If you keep
answering my questions before I ask them I might freak out.  <grin>

   That's cool, so I'll probably end up doing lots of mixed-compiler stuff
like that.

 >> wait_for_actor(manny)

   I wasn't exactly clear what you were doing with your multitasking mods,
but that call clears it up.  "Who" actually flipped the wait/busy-flag
back?  Was it the host animation engine when some form of sprite sequence
file ran out, or were your animations sequenced explicity with Lua code so
it was simply another Lua task did the state change when done?

   More status:  OK, so I've got Lua controlling the game intros.  Nothing
fancy: load the publisher's image, do a screen dissolve, load the
developer's image, do a screen dissolve, load the title image, do a screen
dissolve.  Brain surgery, huh?  <grin>  Still, pretty cool to me, sorry to
waste list bandwidth.


   "Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around."