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At 16:21 5/27/99 -0300, you wrote:
>happens is either called in that callback function or is taking place in one
>of several cooperative tasks running next to it (most likely originally
>spawned in BOOT()).

ah.. that's sort of having a Run() function of a task implemented in Lua
instead of in C/C++.

>his destination or StopActor() is called from Lua.  However, there's nothing
>preventing us from implementing this exact same behavior (updating his
>position each frame) in Lua using the set/get functions... We just wanted
>the scripters to not have to deal with such mundane details when possible.

yeah.. I get it, it makes a lot of sence do to it that way if you're using
an animation engine :)

>actor's costume in it's default state.  wait_for_actor() wraps one of those
>cooperative tasking primitives, sleep().  

sort of a wait until animation is finished thing?

>I hope people don't mind that this was so specific... I realize that many
>people on this list are not interested in adventure game engine internals
>and certainly haven't played Grim Fandango.  But I'd like to hear how other
>people have used Lua as well!

well, next to the fact that I loved GF and have a interest in adventure
game engine internals :) I think there are probably several things that are
also more game general things (specially the way the game engine and lua
interact with eachother is very interesting). 

I'll reread all the things said some more, I'm glad you shined a light on
the way you make use of Lua.

also, if you would be doing another game (doesn't matter what kind of game
at the moment) would you be concidering lua if you have a need for a
scripting language?