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At 05:41 5/26/99 -0300, you wrote:
>> 	While the discussion pointer rests on the use of LUA in games, I
>> think I noticed a lua.dll in Baldeurs Gate(sp?), can anyone 
>Baldur's Gate
>> confirm this? I
>> didn't see any mention of tecgraf in the BG manual.
>In the credits part, at the end of the manual (the part nobody reads :))
>it is mentionned that Lua is used.
>I did not see TecGraf though. But since my manual was translated to
>French, maybe some parts were skipped. Or I did not look enough :)
>Vincent Penquerc'h

I had a look at and I found the "Baldur's Gate
Script Compiler" that contains some documentation and also mentions Lua as
well as TecGraf.

I find it interesting to know that Lua has been used by different game
companies, that shows it can be put to good use in games. Does anybody know
any other game that uses Lua & what versions are used? 

Jeroen Janssen