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At 01:15 PM 4/26/99 , you wrote:
>>Have you taken steps toward making Unicode-enabled Lua implementations?
>>(I.e. have references to char* et al been replaced with typedefs permitting
>>global replacement with wchar*, etc.?)

>not yet, but we haven't dismissed it.


>>I'd really like to use Lua as an embedded "glue" language for Windows CE
>>devices, but the prospect of inspecting every line of unfamiliar code for
>>Unicode support just gives me the shivers!  :-)

>we'll probably have the same problem, only the code will be more familiar to 

That was sort of my point.  :-)  I've tried making Unicode-safe code from
unfamiliar source before.  It is a non-trivial exercise if you don't have a
good grasp of the overall picture.  Knowing when things have to be char*
(Lua's byte-codes?) and when things have to be treated as
platform-independent strings (file names, for a dirt-simple example)
requires a good understanding of the architecture.

>I hope this does not stop you form using Lua.

Nope.  I use it under Windows NT (which supplies ASCII shadows for almost
all of its Unicode functions).

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