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* What is LuaOrb?

LuaOrb is a binding between the interpreted language Lua
( and CORBA. The main goal of LuaOrb is
to offer a more suitable support for developing open applications, with
dynamic incorporation of CORBA objects. Using the CORBA's features for
introspection (Interface Repository) and dynamic construction of method
calls (Dynamic Invocation Interface - DII), LuaOrb offers a binding where
scripts can incorporate and make effective use of new object interfaces at
run time. Moreover, as in other bindings, Lua can use external CORBA
servers transparently, in the same way it uses internal objects. Using the
CORBA's Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI), LuaOrb also supports dynamic
implementation of new CORBA object servers written in Lua.

LuaOrb is implemented as a C++ library. This library must be embedded in
some application in order to be used. LuaOrb is provided with its source
code and the makefiles required to build it in the supported platforms:

  Operating System  ORB                 Compiler         Lua version
  ----------------  ------------------  ---------------  -----------
   Linux             ORBacus C++ 3.1.2   egcs 3.0.1       3.1
   Windows NT/95     ORBacus C++ 3.1.2   Visual C++ 5.0   3.1


* Availability

LuaOrb is freely available for both academic and commercial
purposes and can be downloaded from the site below:

* Contacting the authors

LuaOrb has been designed and implemented by Renato Cerqueira,
Marco Catunda, Roberto Ierusalimschy and Noemi Rodriguez. Send
your comments, bug reports and anything else to

LuaOrb has been developed at the Computer Science Department of PUC-Rio
(the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil).

--- Renato Fontoura de Gusmao Cerqueira
Departamento de Informatica - PUC-Rio - Brazil