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> Whats the diference between LUA-CGI and CGI-Lua....

As far as I know, both have similar purposes, but have been developed by
independent groups.

I do not know much about LUA-CGI, but I know about CGILua. CGILua was 
developed at PUC-Rio; the project started some three years ago, and it is 
currently being used in many commercial sites in Brazil. Until now, most of 
its documentation was in Portuguese, and so its use outside Brazil is very 
limited. Now we (or, more appropriately, Anna Hester) are finishing the 
English Version of the manual; it will be online really soon. CGILua runs 
on most Unix's systems and on Windows NT (it has precompiled versions for 
SunOS, Solaris, Linux, AIX, Irix and Windows95/NT). You can read more about 
it (in English!): 

Anna Hester, Renato Borges and Roberto Ierusalimschy.
Building flexible and extensible Web applications with Lua. 
Journal of Universal Computer Science, 4(9):748-762, 1998. 
(also in Webnet '98 World Conference of the WWW, Internet, & Intranet,
pages 427-432, Orlando, FL, USA, Nov. 1998. Top paper.)

Anna Hester, Renato Borges and Roberto Ierusalimschy.
CGILua: A multi-paradigmatic tool for creating dynamic WWW pages. 
in XI Simpósio Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software, páginas 347-360,
Fortaleza, CE, 1997.

-- Roberto