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Hi Everyone,

I have two issues -

1. tolua is having problems parsing stuff like -

enum Choice {
	ch1 = 0,
	ch2 = 1

If I have an enum declared inside a class it has a
problems as well.

Is there a way around the above or do I need source code changes?
If it is the latter I would really appreciate any suggestions
as to how to go about it.

2. I have a class with 2 overloaded member functions which have
the same name but take different arguments - one takes
an int and another const char *.

class A {
    void f1(int i);
    void f1(const char *s);

If I run the following script the second f1 is getting called where
as the first one should be called.

local aobj = A:new()
local i = 0

Is this a bug or something that is intended and I need to work around it

I will appreciate any help.

Thanx in advance.