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>Finally, Antonio Scuri ( has written a simple
>visual debugger that he'll be willing to share. I think it's almost done.

 Yes. It is almost done. But I will release it only when Lua 3.2 is at
least in beta, because of some problems we already discussed off-line.

 Because It is a "visual" debugger, probably is not much related with
Erick's recent work. In fact, I can not use any of the ldb functionality.

 When the debugger became available, there will be a few constrains...

 I used the IUP interface library that I can not distribute and It is not
public available. Therefore the debugger code will be available. But you
will not be able to compile it. I think It wont be too hard to port to
another interface toolkit.

 But the binaries for many platforms (Win32, Linux, IRIX, Solaris, Mac)
will also be available for download. And I do provide a mechanism for
dynamic loading a shared/dynamic library using a configuration file in Lua
(this code will be also public).

 Soon I will post a message to the list informing the availability of the
debugger and where you can download it.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri.