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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> The implementation of DBLua (the one made by Mauricio Mediano) is almost
> that. It has mainly 4 functions:
> - DBOpen: connect to server
> - DBExec: executes an SQL statement given as a string
> - DBRow: retreive "next" row from the result. Each row is retrieved at once
> with all columns stored in a Lua table, indexed by the field name. Returns
> nil after last row.
> - DBClose: disconnect from server.
> -- Roberto


SQL Server API's are usually quite simple because they parse the SQL
statement, the only problem is the whole cursor issuse. If you want to
create a nice "PC-like" behaving application where you can do
pageup/pagedown/up/down navigation you can end up doing a lot of server
queries.. Ohh the day when SQL will get "real" NextRecord/PreviousRecord