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The RIB description is not 'programmable',  you cannot
write loops in it -  for more complex modeling and interactive
things you have to go to some kind of language and then either
generate a rib or call the RI API.

What I want is only to bind the RI api to lua calls,  I don't even
consider dealing with shading language!

Why I need it:  I've been working with an animation system 
that already generates the output in lua.  Up to now I've
been using povray as the renderer,  and my lua code was
creating the .pov (equivalent to the rib) and then executing
the renderer.
For many reasons I am moving to BMRT, and it might be interesting
to bypass the writing of the rib (it will have to be parsed after all).
Although right now I'm not entirelly sure that it would be
usefull for me.

Anyway it would be interesting to allow lua to either call
the api functions or generate a rib file...

Hope I was clear enough,  

>  Why would you want to do that when RIB exists for scene specification and
> the shading language exists for writing shaders?  It just seems like extra
> work when these other "script" formats are innate to Renderman.
>  Maybe it's not so off topic.  I often feel like many have spent the time
> to wrap APIs with scripting languages when it's not really needed (I'm
> not saying that's what you're doing here, Siome, that's why I asked why
> you want to do it).
>  - Chris

Siome Klein Goldenstein