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Lua 3.1 Shared Library for Power Macintosh Systems Running MacOS

Claudio Terra, 1998 (

This is for PowerPC Macintoshes only.
The library has been compiled with Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 3. A CW Pro 
3 project is provided for making a Lua stand-alone application with a 
simple console.

The distribution package
After decoding and decompressing the distribution package, you'll get 
within "Lua 3.1 Shared Lib":
-  Lua 3.1 Shared Lib PPC -- the shared library (PPC only)
-  Lua using Lua 3.1 Shared Lib -- folder with a project for making Lua 
stand-alone using the shared lib.

The file Lua31UsingSharedLib.prj is a CodeWarrior IDE 3.0 project file. 
If you have problems opening this file, a text file is provided with a 
list of files for the PPC build (Lua31UsingSharedLib.prj.text).

This version of the Lua 3.1 Shared Library exports all Lua symbols, plus 
those in Metrowerks' MSL C.PPC.Lib and MSL SIOUX.PPC.Lib, providing 
Standard Library and console functions. A list with all exported symbols 
is provided (luadlib31_PPC.exp).

Please send any comments/bug reports to the Lua discussion list:

To subscribe to this list, send a message to 
containing "subscribe lua-l YOUR-NAME" in its body (without the quotes).

Short History:
970610  -  Preliminary Release, from 3.0 beta code
970703  -  Port of Lua 3.0
970703  -  Rev. 1:
           . enhanced console behaviour
           . built icon, version and minimal balloon help resources
980713  -  Port of Lua 3.1 (Mac Rev. 2)
980714  -  lualib 3.1 Mac release.
981119  -  revised documentation