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>   "API error - attempt to push a NULL Cfunction"

Well, the error message is quite clear, although I have no idea why it is
happening :-). It seems as if one of the function addresses in the array
"ezlualib" is not properly initialized. If you have stdout (or something
similar), I suggest a very simple test, just to be sure where is the
problem: Try to print your function addresses, with something like

printf("%p\n", ez_IPNameToAddr);

or better yet:

printf("%p\n", ezlualib[0].func);
printf("%p\n", ezlualib[1].func);
printf("%p\n", ezlualib[2].func);

Just to be sure, print also

printf("%d\n", (sizeof(ezlualib)/sizeof(ezlualib[0])));

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-- Roberto