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The August issue of SunWorld contains an article about scripting.
The part about Lua is reproduced below.  The complete article can be found at

Thank you all for the success of Lua!


  Congratulations to the Lua community. With the release of 3.1,
  including anonymous functions and closures, the Lua extension language
  is done, according to core developer Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo. Never
  heard of Lua?  As one user, Ashley Fryer, recently wrote in the Usenet
  newsgroup, "Lua is a truly wonderful language --
  clean, small, efficient, and free for commercial use...I haven't seen
  any language (including Python) that is a better choice for embedding."
  Lua is slimware; all the source code totals well under 10,000 lines.
  Its user base is also small; there might be only a few tens of
  thousands of Lua programmers in the world. They're very fond of this
  language, though, and the imminent explosion of ubiquitous embedded
  processing (computers in your car, in your plumbing, and in your
  kitchen appliances) can only work in favor of Lua.

  If the language has everything it needs, what work remains for Lua
  system programmers? The core team at the Grupo de Tecnologia em
  Computacao Grafica of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de
  Janeiro is now planning a book, and hopes to modernize the TkLua
  graphical toolkit later in the year.

  SunWorld August 1998.  Copyright (C) 1995-1998 by Web Publishing Inc./IDG