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Steve Dekorte wrote:
> Could you please translate these acronyms?

Sure ...


EDG is a system to support development of data entry
programs. The system allows manipulation of graphics objects
(graphics primitives and
group of primitives). The programmer can associate callback
actions to these graphics objects, thus creating active
objects. To compose
interface dialogs, EDG allows access to the interface
objects from IUP user interface system, with an abstraction
using Lua programming
language. The system was implemented using C and C++.

I can't find where I saw the reference to IUP/LED right now
but I believe it's
something in a similar vein as EDG.


SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs
written in C, C++, 
and Objective-C with common scripting languages including
Perl, Python, and 
Tcl/Tk. It is most commonly used to create high-level
interpreted environments, 
gluing software packages together, and as a tool for
creating user interfaces to 
C programs. SWIG is distributed as OpenSource and may be
freely used, 
distributed, and modified for commercial or noncommercial

Nathan  Doss