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1998-10-16-17:49:42 Michael T. Richter:
> I have a lot of UNIX-infested colleagues who will go out of their way to
> make life difficult for Windows developers and your message coincided with
> another bout of "let's make life hell on Windows developers" in the company.

Speaking as a viciously Unix-infested person, I don't have much sympathy for
that kind of attitude. Everybody makes choices in their lives. I've made a
very deliberate choice to have absolutely nothing to do with Windows; I
believe that this is a professionally responsible choice for me to make, and
has left me much better off. Other people feel differently; let them live with
their choices.

I'd suggest to your Unix-infested colleagues that Windows is its own
punishment, there's no excuse for trying to make Windows' peoples' lives
harder, and even if they wanted to they don't stand a chance of competing with