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> What would you be saying to someone who wants to embed Lua into some kind
> of controller?  Would you be as calmly dismissive?  Or do you reserve this
> kind of dismissal for the Windows-related platforms?

Please don't get me wrong. Even if I tried, my English is not good enough
for me to be "calmly dismissive" in a written message. I was not saying we 
don't care; quite the opposite. It is because we do care that we are
changing error messages to make it easier to use Lua in Windows-related
platforms (and other "non conforming" platforms). The point I was trying to
make (not even in the message, that was only a PS!) was: it is impossible
to make a software to run just "everywhere". So we use "conforming hosted
implementations" as our portability base. If we can make it more portable
than that, very good. But we cannot assume we will try to solve all
portability problems that may appear when porting Lua to "non conforming
hosted implementations" (for instance, we do not intend [at least for now] 
to get rid of the string library).

-- Roberto