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> I'm going through and hacking in some replacements, even to the point of 
> extending ZIO to allow Windows CE users to directly use files.  But it
> would be nice if future versions of Lua would use things like sprintf and a
> call to an easily overridden function for error reporting instead of
> using fprintf directly to minimize porting impact.

We are working on that. All error output will be done through a single
function _ALERT; its build-in definition writes to stderr. Nobody else will
write to stderr in the interpreter. (Besides a few extra build-in
functions, such as "sort", we hope this is more or less all that will be
new in version 3.2.)

-- Roberto

PS: nevertheless, it is worth reminding that all this "FILE* functions" are
strictly ANSI, and should be supported by any compiler that claims to
understand ANSI C.