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I'm building a set of Lua libraries as Win32/WinCE DLLs.  I want to start
making little applications for the WinCE platform and want a useful, but
small, "glue" language to use.  Lua fits the bill perfectly.

Is there any interest in rolling in the changes necessary for this into the
Lua main distribution?

As a precis, I add the following to lua.h for the basic library:

#ifdef _WIN32
#define EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
#define EXPORT

After that I prepend "EXPORT" in front of all function definitions in
lua.h which are supposed to be exported in the DLL.  This should be
platform-neutral (i.e. it shouldn't break UNIX builds).  I will be doing
the same to the other libraries' headers as I get around to them.

When I complete and test the source changes and the project files, is
there any interest in any or all of the following?:

1) The modified source necessary to compile cleanly in Win32 environments
for DLLs. 
2) The DLLs as binaries (for Win32 and for various WinCE platforms).
3) The project files necessary to build Lua 3.1 as Win32/WinCE DLLs.
4) Updated versions of lua and luac which bind to DLLs instead of bringing
in the whole library.
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