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Hi Nick,

I have one that is just about ready.  It is very basic.  You can drag-n-drop
files on it and it will do_file() them.  (Optionally resetting the environement
between files.)  There is a single input field for testing things.

As soon as I hook up a Lua print() facility to output to the console it
will be usable.  By default it builds against tklua (no GL) and the standard 
lua library.  

It is called WinLua or salt (stupid-ass-lua-tool).

Let me know if this will work for ya.


On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 05:53:51AM -0300, wrote:
> Has anyone written a nice Lua Windows console (as opposed to having to use
> a DOS prompt) which they would be willing to post on here or point me to a
> URL?
> i.e. like the WinPython thing....
> :-)
> Ta,
> Nick.