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>From Tue Jun 23 05:54:04 1998
>Has anyone written a nice Lua Windows console (as opposed to having to use
>a DOS prompt) which they would be willing to post on here or point me to a

That would be a good thing to have. If anyone has it, please let me know and
I'll add a link to it the Lua site.

On the other hand, this should be provided by any compiler that claims to
be ANSI. Otherwise, how would it support stdio.h?
What do the current compilers do with stderr in Windows??

On the other hand, I've seen someone use the code below for putting
dialog boxes at error conditions.

#ifdef WIN32
               message, "Application Error",
               MB_ICONERROR | MB_OK);
#else /* has shell output */
    fputs(message, stderr);
#endif /* WIN32 */