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Hello there.

> Has anyone done a comparision between Java and Lua...

I haven't done such comparision but I've done a binding between them.
It's in Java package named lua (!). It's built of four classes and one
interface. The classes are:

lua.API - provides access to the basic API of Lua.
lua.JavaFunction - Models an object that is to be passed to Lua as a function.
lua.LuaObject - Models Lua objects returned by Lua.
lua.Ref - Models references to Lua objects created by the application.

And the interface LuaException models the errors that can happen in Lua.

If someone wish to take a look at, it's on the web:

It contains javadoc-style comments to build documentation and a sample
makefile for Linux. The documentation can be browsed on-line.

By the way, there is also a new version of LuaMT, the multithreaded version
of Lua 3.1. This version fixes several bugs from the previous. This work has
been done by Carlos Augusto ( He has also included an
UPDATE file on the distribution describing the changes.

Best regards,
-- Cassino