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I investigated this and found that that the memory is not really leaked, it
just some blocks that are not freed. Stress testing my test apps revealed
that you can perform thousands of operations with a fixed memory 'leak' of a
few much were you detecting?

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> Behalf Of Giles Robertson
> Sent: 11 May 1998 15:53
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> Subject: lua_register
> Hi, i have a query about interfacing Lua and C++ and hope you
> can help me.
> I'm using Visual C++ 4.0 to develop an application which uses
> Lua to run modular scripted tasks.
> To interface between the Lua script and C++ i'm using the
> lua_register macro and this works well.
> However, when my application closes down, the compiler
> detects memory leaks.  This only happens if I use lua_register.
> I've tried using lua_collectgarbage, but to no effect.
> Can you give me any clues or point me to another source of
> information on such topics?
> thanks,
> 	Giles.
> ------------------------
> Giles Robertson,
> Software Engineer,
> Granada Learning