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"Maria das Dores" <> writes:

> >Ok, I have the error function thing working. Is there a way to get the
> >error message or some info about the error while I am in my error
> >handler? I have looked on the top of the stack but I didn't see 
> anything
> >that looked useful.
> >
> >Any suggestions?
> Yes, read the manual, section 4.9.
Ok, just inspecting the error message is no problem, but what if you
want to look at the context of the error?
Function lua_printstack() from iolib.c (now liolib.c) shows how to get
detailed information about the current callstack.
This function seems very usefull for the use by custom error-handlers.

Is there a reason, why lua_printstack() is not exported?


 Stephan Herrmann
 Technical University Berlin
 Software Engineering Research Group
 phone: ++49 30 314 73174