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>  The problem seems to be the "pclose" function (as pointed out by lhf). In
>some systems, it is harmless to call it over a non "popened" stream, but
>it crashes in other systems. This function *is not* ANSI, so there is no
>way to implement something that will work on all systems, and no way to say
>which implementation is "correct". If you have this kind of problems,
>recompile Lua without the "-DPOPEN" option (see the "config" file). The only
>difference will be that Lua will not accept "piped" streams, like
>"writeto('| tr a-z A-Z')".
>-- Roberto
>PS: maybe that should be the default in "config".

I just tried commenting away the line with the "-DPOPEN", but I haven't yet
succeeded in re-making Lua on my BeBox. I'm not very clever with C or Unix,
so it may take a while before I can confirm that skipping the "-DPOPEN" is
the thing to do under BeOS. If there are others on this list who run Lua
under BeOS, please let me know. (To compile/link BeOS applications with
embedded Lua stuff, you probably need the commercial CodeWarrior, but just
to "make" the standard Lua binaries/libraries, the demo CodeWarrior should

By the way, what's the best way to force a re-make a thing like Lua? I
removed all the binaries/libraries from my last make, but there must be
better ways. I looked for some suitable options to the "make" command, but
didn't find a good candidate ...