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On Thu, Nov 13, 1997 at 05:05:48PM -0200, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
>   The Lua reference mechanism (Section 5.6 of the manual) has an
> option that allows C to keep a reference to a Lua object without preventing
> the GC to collect the object. Does anyone use this option? It was supposed
> to be useful in breaking 'reference cicles', when C keeps a reference to a
> Lua object and Lua keeps a reference to the C object (userdata), and then they
> would be never collected. But we are not sure whether anyone ever succeed in
> using it...
> -- Roberto

  I have used it to achieve a moderate speed-up in a bytecode interpreter
  iterating over largish datasets.

  Instead of


  I have 


  within the innermost loop.

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