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It is possible to argue that labelled breaks that break out of
labelled blocks are more difficult to understand than gotos to
labelled statements (and, let's face it, Java's break is just a goto
hiding under a different name). The label in the goto and on the
statement provides a stronger link between the place normal program
flow is interupted and the place it resumes.

> Dijkstra would like it better, for sure. :-)

Perhaps, and perhaps not. This is not the 1970s, we are no longer
programming in unstructured languages, and hopefully we are all a
little wiser than we were then, perhaps even wise enough to use goto
appropriately. (And by that I mean to break out of inner loops,
perhaps once every few thousand lines.)

[F/X: clears throat.] And now for my proposals for assigned gotos,
label variables, and equivalences ...