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> We currently are working on exactly this extension for Lua 3.1.

Do you have an idea when you might be releasing v3.1 of Lua?  Can
you describe what exactly you intend to implement in 3.1 to address
the "thread" issues discussed here?

Along with a co-worker, I am currently investigating various "embedded
languages" for use in our games, and need to decide which language
to integrate fairly soon.  The other languages we are currently considering
are Tcl and Python.

The single biggest problem that I see with Lua is the global environment,
where Lua seems to assume that you are only running one Lua program
at a time.

We would like to use an embedded programming language to control
many objects within our game, each having its own "brain".  Lua is one
of our top choices for such a language, obviously, but currently we
would add this multiple environment layer on top of Lua.  If you guys 
are already working on such an enhancement, however, that's better! :)

Thanks for all the great work!

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