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I'm interested in the possibility of doing some multi-threaded work with
LUA. However, there seem to be many global variables that could make
this diffucult. I would like to have each "LUA-thread" start out from
scratch (ie, as LUA normally starts up), and then only execute within
its own domain. 

I guess I could probably do this as separate processes (ie,
"fork"-style), but I would prefer to do it with separate threads within
the same process.

I assume this means I'd have to collect all LUA globals into a
LUAGlobals structure. I would then have to allocate one such LUAGlobal
structure for each thread, basically acting as a control block for its
LUA thread.

Does this make any sense? Have anybody else attempted something like
this? Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.

Mike Fahl