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1) Yes.  We don't want our customers to have the source code for the
game, even if they can see all of the strings in the code.

2) If we port the game (highly likely) then yes, we will be packaging
the same chunks.

3) No, in fact one of the bewt things about Lua is that we don't have to
precompile chunks until right before we ship.

What are you planning for 3.1?  Did you ever do benchmarking of 3.0 vs.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: []
> Sent:	Thursday, August 14, 1997 6:18 AM
> To:	Bret Mogilefsky
> Subject:	format change for precompiled files
> As a consequence of some changes to be introduced in 3.1, we had to
> change the internal structure of bytecodes and this directly affects
> the format of precompiled files, in a way that is incompatible with
> binaries generated by Lua 3.0.
> How serious is this change for you?
> Do you had precompiled files for which you do not have the lua source
> files?
> We never promised that we would not change the format of binary files
> because
> we assume that your programs can always be recompiled.
> However, we *might* write a conversion tool if there is a major need
> for it.
> I take this opportunity to conduct a quick survey:
> 1. Do you use precompiled lua chunks? Why or why not?
> 2. Do you use precompiled lua chunks *across* platforms?
>    (Did you know that precompiled chunks are supposed to be portable?)
> 3. Do you have precompiled files for which you do *not* have the
> sources?
> Please send your replies directly to me.
> Thanks a lot.
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