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> Next my very technical question: is it possible/desirable to include
> "==" into the set of events that can be bound to tag methods at least for
> userdata?

We have discussed this point for a long time. The problem is table indexing:
We would like to assume that if "a==b" then t[a] is the same position of
t[b]. An aparent (and tempting) solution would be to keep the above
implication, that is, table indexing would also use the tag method '=='.
But suppose the program redefines the operation '==' for an index, what
would happen to the table?? (For instance, we have a~=b, and t[a]=1 and 
t[b]=2. But then we change equality so that now a==b. What would happen
to 't'?). Because of these strange behaviors, we have decided to keep
equality fixed (at least for now).

> I just learned a few new Hawaiian words today:
> [...]
> Lua - Toilet / Bathroom

We knew about that. It also means something in Vietnamit (just check the
newsgroup "soc.culture.vietnames"). And it also means something related
to marcial arts (check "rec.martial-arts"), etc. The problem is that it
is very difficult to find a short word without other (and sometimes negative)
meanings in all other languages on the earth. As most of you already know,
"Lua" means "moon" in Portuguese (similar to "luna" in Spanish), and in
our language it is a very beautiful word. We do appologize for any
other unintentional meaning :-)

-- Roberto