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* What is Lua?
  Lua is a simple, yet powerful, language for extending applications.
  Lua has been developed by TeCGraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group
  of PUC-Rio, the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  Dozens of industrial products developed by TeCGraf use Lua.

* Some features of Lua
  + simple syntax (Pascal-like);
  + powerful data description constructs (e.g., associative arrays);
  + user-controlled type constructors;
  + extensible semantics with tag methods;
  + garbage collection;
  + Lua programs are compiled into bytecodes, which are then interpreted;
  + truly portable, written in ANSI C.

* Availability
  The latest version of Lua is always available at the following locations:
    In Brazil:
    In Canada:
    In Germany:
    In Greece:
    Home page:
    Meta page:
  The current version is 3.0

* Changes since version 2.5 (no versions between 2.5 and 3.0)
  + NEW CONCEPT: "tag methods".
    Tag methods replace fallbacks as the meta-mechanism for extending the
    semantics of Lua. Whereas fallbacks had a global nature, tag methods
    work on objects having the same tag (e.g., groups of tables).
    Existing code that uses fallbacks should work without change.
  + new, general syntax for constructors {[exp] = exp, ... }.
  + support for handling variable number of arguments in functions (varargs).
  + support for conditional compilation ($if ... $else ... $end).
  + cleaner semantics in API simplifies host code.
  + better support for writing libraries (auxlib.h).
  + better type checking and error messages in the standard library.
  + luac can now also undump.

* Legal matters
  Lua is freely available for both academic and commercial purposes.

* Contacting the authors
  Send your comments, bug reports and anything else to
  Please send us email if you download Lua so that we can know how far it goes.
  For reporting bugs, try also the mailing list:
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo                    email:
TeCGraf-Grupo de Tecnologia em Computacao Grafica, Dep. Informatica, PUC-Rio
Rua Marques de Sao Vicente 225                        voice: +55 21 529-9424
22453-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil                    fax: +55 21 294-8195