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>  > I don't know SWIG, but Lua bindings can be automatically created with toLua
>  > (see Lua's home page or the FAQ.)
> I found toLua not useful for my needs.
> In particular, it rolled over and died when faced with things like
>   char *remove_def_marker(char *);

yes, this example fails with the current toLua.
toLua needs the parameter name.

> The SWIG tool seems more heavily engineered.

It certainly is. I started building toLua to attend my own
needs. As I thought it would be useful for other lua programmers,
I put it available.

toLua can be improved a lot. In fact, the new version 2.0,
that I will release with Lua 3.0, already offers several 
I need feedback to know how it can be more useful for others.
For example, the possibility to avoid naming the parameter
seems to be quite easy to implement, but I hadn't needed it yet.

-- waldemar