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>From Mon Apr 14 19:53:24 1997
>Nothing of mine broke with 3.0alpha (though I haven't soak-tested anything

That's good. Nothing should break, but we want to make sure.

>yet), but I'm dying to know what's new, and what I should change! lua.h
>looks interesting; all those deprecated prototypes and macros... Hmmm.

Look at HISTORY.
Essentially, fallbacks have been replaced by the more powerful internal
methods, which are defined on a tag basis.
You had a "getglobal" fb. Now you have also a "setglobal" fb.
Plus set/get methods for thables that are more general than the "index" and
"gettable" fb's.
This is the major language change, except for a very nice general syntax for
	a={10,20,30; [0]=0, ["lua"]="3.0", [print]=print }