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version 3.0 is now available for alpha testing at the usual sites (see below).
the documentation and the tests have not been updated yet.

the purpose of this release is to make sure that no programs have been broken.
please test it and send us your comments.

* Changes since version 2.5 (no versions between 2.5 and 3.0)
  + NEW CONCEPT: internal methods based on tags replace fallbacks
    (but fully compatible with 2.5)
  + new, general syntax for constructors {[exp] = exp, ... }
  + userdata can now handle arbitrary binary data
  + support for handling variable number of arguments in functions (varargs)
  + support for conditional compilation ($if ... $else ... $end)
  + better support for writing libraries (auxlib.h)
  + luac can now also undump

* Availability
  The latest version of Lua is always available at the following locations:
  In Brazil:
  In Canada:
  In Germany:
  In Greece:
  Home page:
  The current version is 3.0alpha