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> Date:          Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:59:58 -0300
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> From:          Waldemar Celes <>
> To:  
> Subject:       Lua API for C++ code

> For those who are accessing Lua from C++ code,
> this may be of interest.
> I have implemented a C++ API to access and manipulate Lua values.
> It consists of a header file (lua++.h) that defines a few classes
> that naturally bind Lua objects to C++ type and vice-versa.

I have implemented this under DOS using Microsoft Visual C++ version 
1.5.  I had the following problem with the example 

(in function change)

table["version"] = 1;

would not work (compiler said it was ambiguous) and had to be done as 

LuaValue temp(1);
table["version"] = temp;

I also suggest testing for the return value of Lua::dofile("name") 
which returns 2 if the file isn't found.


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