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I'm using Lua to sequence high-level commands to robots, connected to the
host either via a serial line or transputer link; perhaps in future via USB
or FireWire. Lua is particularly valuable here because the debugger hooks
give me a means to make external asynchronous events (eg: touch-sensors) look
like atomic actions as far as the Lua program is concerned, and allow users to
assign call-back functions to them. Essentially the robot is a "manipulation
server" and the Lua program it's client. The second major advantage is the
portability; I can easily compile a stripped-down Lua client for an embedded
processor on the robot's motherboard. The user can then download their final
debugged application into non-volatile memory, disconnect the host and
leave the robot to get on with the job.

--  Mark Ian Barlow                Non-Linear Control Consultants Ltd.
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