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On second thought, it might be good to have a section that explains a
little more about how to use blocks and references.  Also, you should
have a section that summarizes that mail to the list about how to use
the parser's "dots" rule for variable argument function calls.  In terms
of makefiles, the system is so simple that everyone should be able to
set up a project in their visual environment to compile it pretty
easily.  If not, then a simple gmake-style makefile should be
sufficient... Just point them to Win95-specific ports of gmake as well
( would be a good place to start).  There's
really nothing OS-specific about the code at all.  You might have more
information in an introduction, such as the types of applications in
which people have reported using Lua (I would be interested, anyway).  

More as I think of it, but that's it for now.

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>Sent: 	Thursday, April 03, 1997 3:57 AM
>To: 	Bret Mogilefsky
>Subject: 	FAQ
>There is a preliminary version of the Lua FAQ at
>Please send me your contributions and corrections.