lua-users home Mini Charter is an internet site for and by users of the programming language Lua. is not

The site will not be managed or hosted by the Lua authors or Tecgraf. However it can be considered a "blessed" community site for two reasons: 1) the Lua authors hold the registration of the domain and so ultimately decide where the domain points to, and 2) there is a link from the home page to The home page will clearly state that it is not affiliated with Tecgraf. main site

The main site may use free web hosting services and/or be funded by donations from the Lua community. In the case of community funding, each month a volunteer will be sought to pay the charges associated with the site. The account funded by the donations will only be used for content related to Members of the community proposing a plan for a particular content or service and also willing to volunteer the time for related setup and maintenance will be given access to the site account. subdomains

It is possible to create subdomains of (for example, ""). This can be used by members wanting to set up content outside of the main site. However use of the main site is recommended if at all possible, since it motivates and makes the most efficient use of volunteer contributions.

content guidelines

Any software running on the site such as CGI scripts should be under BSD or GPL or similar free license. Any data related to the site content (for example, wiki database) should be backed up and made publicly available at regular intervals. One reason for this is if the individuals controlling the site should go astray (from the community's point of view), it will be possible to install the content at another location and the Lua authors can redirect the domain appropriately.