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Hey Rodion,

If I'm not mistaken problem isn't from table.insert or table.pack, ipairs doesn't iterate over nil items at the end of the table since you can write something like this to remove an element from the table:
local t = {}
t[1] = 'something'
t[1] = nil
To be honest I'm not sure about elements in the middle of the array for example whether this is true or not(but if I had to guess I would say yes it is true):
local t = {}
t[1] = "x"
t[2] = "y"
t[3] = "z"
t[2] = nil
asserteq(#t, 2)
I wrote a logger a few months ago and had the same problem since I wanted to log the nil inputs so here is what it did:
function log.dump(...)
    local args = {...}
    -- select will get an accurate count of array len, counting trailing nils
    local len = select('#', ...)
    for i = 1,len do
        args[i] = pprint.pformat(args[i], nil)
        args[i] = args[i] .. '\n'
    log.log('dump', '1;32', table.unpack(args))

Try using `select` to access your table length if the table contains nil values. Let me know if this little snippet helped you in achieving your goal.

Kind Regards,
Ali Rezvani

------- Original Message -------
On Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 at 7:26 AM, Родион Горковенко <> wrote:

> Hi Friends!
> Regard the case - I'm redefining - for example to allow
> 3-rd party code run in web-page (with Lua compiled to JS), requesting
> user to provide input data via pop-ups. To properly mock the original
> function behavior, I would like it to return "nil" sometimes (say upon
> reading number when
> no digits were provided).
> = function(...)
> res = {}
> for _, typ in ipairs(table.pack(...)) do
> val = someCodeWhichCallsPrompt()
> if typ == '*n' then val = parseNumberWhimsically(val) end
> table.insert(res, val)
> end
> return table.unpack(res)
> end
> The difficulty is that if "parseNumberWhimsically" may return "nil",
> it won't be inserted into the table. I don't know whether "table.pack"
> users some complicated magic for this or on contrary I'm missing
> something obvious. Thanks in advance for any hints!
> sincerely yours,
> Rodion