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You can keep a reference to the parent class metatable as the super and do something like this:
function Aa:f(x)
    Aa.super.f(self, x)

I've been using 30log for this purpose and it has a really nice abstraction for inheritance using objType:extend('new type') interface.

Kind Regards,
Ali Rezvani
------- Original Message -------
On Sunday, November 5th, 2023 at 4:47 PM, Hans van der Meer <> wrote:

> I programmed some object classes (PIL 21 as guideline). What I could not find is how to call back from a subclass to a superclass.
> The reason for my question:
> class A has subclasses Aa and Ab, all having a function f: A:f(x), Aa:f(x), Ab:f(x)
> both Aa and Ab have a large part of their code in common, I would like to keep the common code executed in the superclass A (as it will safeguard me from diverging adaptations to the code).
> Therefore in Aa:f() and Ab:f()  the argument x is translated for each in a specific manner and should then passed upwards in the class heirarchy to A.
> Thus an object Ab called should call back to A:f(x) with x the adapted value of x.
> I hope I made myself clear.
>  It might be impossible what I have in mind, but I will gladly be informed then.
> yours sincerely
> dr. Hans van der Meer