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I found 'imath' and read the explanation and was curious
Does this mean that it can support 'Bignum' calculations? When it comes to arbitrary precision, is 64 bits the maximum? 
Keep in mind that it is an incredibly low-level statement in either programming or mathematics
i simply thought, "It would be nice if I could handle very large numbers without any problems." 
If it's a gibberish question, please ignore it, I'm asking it without understanding it well
I have never used a mailing list :)

translation by duckduckgo

2023年9月24日(日) 6:39 <>:

I am pleased to announce the release of LuaX and related softwares.

LuaX is a Lua 5.4 interpreter embedding some C and Lua modules (no external
dependency). LuaX is compiled with Zig and can run on Linux (libc and musl),
MacOS and Windows.

Some interesting LuaX modules include:

- F: functional programming inspired functions (mostly inspired by
Haskell List
   and Map packages)
- fs: file system
- sh: shell command execution
- term: minimal terminal manipulation
- crypt: minimal cryptography module

as well as some great third-party modules:

- lz4: data compression
- lpeg: Parsing _expression_ Grammars For Lua
- luasocket: Network support for the Lua language
- argparse: Feature-rich command line parser for Lua

LuaX can produce standalone executables from Lua scripts and provides a REPL
that can print tables in a more user friendly way.

LuaX is used by some other tools that require an embedded scripting

- bang: a Ninja file generator scriptable in LuaX
- ypp: a generic text preprocessor with Lua macros
- panda: an all-in-one Pandoc Lua filter (variable expansion, conditional
   blocks, file inclusion, script execution, diagrams)
- lsvg: a Lua interpreter specialized in generating SVG images

What is great with Lua is that all these softwares can share Lua scripts
configuration files) very easily. E.g. this simplifies all steps in a
project (configuration, compilation, tests, documentation generation,
installation, ...)

These free and open source softwares can be downloaded here:

- LuaX:
- bang:
- ypp:
- panda:
- lsvg:

Christophe Delord.