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Hi Friends!

And sorry for responding to the topic which seemingly faded out month
ago, but I'm not sure if there was some conclusion, so dare to add
here a link to

Difficult to tell could it be useful or not - probably you'll need to
contact them and discuss. Let me describe three "tiers" of access I
know of myself:

- for free - you get a free shell on the server (with limited set of
commands though) - though freebsd, not linux, some space, access to
- confirming registration by sending 1 to 3 dollars - your account is
granted "hosting" ability - though it serves mainly static files and
runs CGI in few languages (mainly KSH)
- one-time $36 payment gets you lifetime hosting with PHP, Perl etc,
even Lua 5.3 (no https though)
- there are more features (https is here, I think, and mysql) though
they require small recurring payments see their "join" page -

I use it myself for keeping some utility scripts, bot for school-group
messenger etc, etc. How close or far it is to what is needed for - difficult to tell. One way to contact them is to
register and ask at bboard I believe.

sincerely yours,