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Hi Alex,

I can't think of anything that ZeroBrane Studio does that would
prevent your script from running; It may add a couple of folders to
reference the libraries that are packaged with it, but as long as the
correct interpreter is selected, it should run all the scripts in
exactly the same way as they can be run outside of ZBS.

Let's say you run your script from folder X using a lua interpreter of
version 5.3 and everything works; you can try the following:
- open the IDE and select folder X as the project folder
- select 5.3 as the current Lua interpreter (Project > Lua Interpreter
> Lua 5.3)
- execute the script from the IDE.

It is possible that you are on Windows and use a 64bit Lua interpreter
(with your libraries compiled for it), but the one that is included
with ZBS is 32bit, so it doesn't load those libraries. You can
configure the IDE to use your external interpreter along with its
libraries instead of the default one (see this page for details:

If you still have the issue, then you need to post the exact error
message from 'require" along with the details of where the library is
located and the OS you're using.


On Fri, Sep 15, 2023 at 11:47 PM Александр Машин <> wrote:
> Dear Mr Kulchenko,
> I have lrexlib installed, yet in ZeroBrane require 'rex_pcre2' fails
> under any Lua interpreter. Any other regular expression library from
> lrexlib, e.g. rex_pcre, is loaded.
> rex_pcre2 is loaded when I run Lua using the OS console, without ZeroBrane.
> Can ZeroBrane come with an obsolete version of lrexlib?
> Alexander Mashin