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[Note:  The same message is being posted, but not cross-posted,
on iup-users and lua-l.  This is the lua-l post.]

I'm pleased to announce the release of lglicua-0.1-alpha8.  The
tarball of the sources is on SourceForge, as well as the
Git-managed sources.

This release adds new features:

- Supports Lua 5.4.6, released 14 May 2023;

- Supports Rocky GNU/Linux 9.2, released 16 May 2023.  This release
  is also supported by the -alpha7 release of lglicua;

- Supports distributions with GNU/Linux Kernel 6.x, notably MX21.3.
  The Assistant fixes the breakage by overriding the Repository's
  "tecmake.mak" for each project, as it is built.

- As a result of the Lua 5.4.5 kerfuffle, as well as a result of
  increased flexibility due to Lua installations always coming from
  source compilation, the installer can accept a lua patchlevel,
  e.g. "./i lua-install 5.4.4".


- An interesting new facility is lua compile-time patches.  This was
  prompted by the excellent "continue" patch posted by David Sicilia
  in March.  I've reworked that patch to be based on Lua-5.4.6,
  rather than the Git repository:

     PROJECT/install$ ./i lua-install 5.4+continue

  Multiple patches can be applied (although this is untested).
  Patches may not always apply, due to differences in source-code
  due to changes between patchlevel/minor/major releases; the
  Assistant provides a way of selecting patches with precision.

  The Lua Version/Copyright line is edited to identify patching,
  e.g. from:

        Lua 5.4.6  Copyright (C) 1994-2012, PUC-Rio


        Lua 5.4.6 +continue  Copyright (C) 1994-2012, PUC-Rio


To review or download the files via the SourceForge project

    lglicua at SourceForge:

    Download the new tarball (includes clean Git snapshot):

    Browse the code on-line, such as the "+continue" patch...:

    ... and also the Assistant-provided improved tecmake.mak:


Many thanks to those who helped with this release.  (No thanks to
SourceForge's Markdown facility, which still does baffling things
at times.)


sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software