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> See, Linux really really wants file-dir duality.  You can tell by all
> the .d/'s everywhere.

Well...ish.  I see those as a sy;mptom of something else.

> Unfortunately POSIX forbids file-dir duality.  So .d/'s everywhere is
> the best we're gonna get.

Only to the extent that you (FSVO "you") value slavish adherence to
POSIX more than innovation.  I would not hesitate to ignore POSIX on
this point.  I've long felt that, for all that POSIX has done to help
computing, it's reached the point where it's also hindering it, in that
things incompatible with POSIX (semi-)can't be done.  This is an

(Depending on what you mean, though, only partially can't be done.  If
by "file-dir duality", you mean the ability for /some/path/name to be a
file but /some/path/name/ to contain other objects, like a directory,
then I suspect it can be done; on NetBSD, at least, I implemented that,
among other things, back in 2002, and it wasn't even difficult.)

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