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>> I think it's a bad idea to have type information that isn't
>> enforced.
> The idea is not not to enforce them.  The idea is that you can have a
> dynamic language with statically checked types.

Sooner or later something will be changed and the dynamic type won't
match the static annotation.  Without enforcement, there's no easy way
to catch this.

At that point deductions based on the annotations will not match what
actually happens.  That gives it, in my opinion, negative value.

> That is basically what Python 3 does, for instance (*).

That doesn't make it good.  IMO it needs to stand or fall on it sown
merits (or lack thereof).

If unenforced in python, I think it's a bad idea there too, and if I'd
seen it mentioned on the python analog of this list, if such a thing
exists and I were on it, I would have said so there.

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