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>>>>> "Viacheslav" == Viacheslav Usov <> writes:

 >> What is really sad is that people had 20 days to point out issues,
 >> and nothing. Then, hours after the freeze they come shouting at us,
 >> as if we had just announced something completely unexpected.

 Viacheslav> I have missed the entire thing, so I think it will be fair
 Viacheslav> to say that 20 days is not sufficient notice, at least the
 Viacheslav> way it is given currently.

For a release that is _just_ fixing bugs, 20 days is probably plenty,
but that's not what happened here.

I think there's some basic process problem here, possibly the result of
not maintaining a distinction between development and stable branches
(the bug in this case is an example of when the fix might need to be
different on each branch).

(This isn't the first time this has been a problem: I was lucky to catch
the averted API/ABI break in 5.4.3 on its rc1 announcement, because it
came at a time when I was more actively following Lua development as
opposed to just _using_ Lua in projects.)