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Dne 2023-03-24 14:29, Roberto Ierusalimschy napsal:
> For instance?

I have lua embedded in system where users can define table of variables and
then write expressions to process them. However i think it would be
reasonable to have some sanity checks in place, so i don't have to explain why formulas using variable called "TIME-MAX" are not working :-) and stuff
like that...

Up to reserved words, the Lua pattern "^[%a_][%w_]*$" should do the job.

-- Roberto

So just to give happy end to this thread, thanks for your sugestion.
I've ended using this C code, probably will simplify it later:

int lua_string_match(lua_State *LUA, const char *string, const char *pattern) {
  int ret;
  lua_getglobal(LUA, "string");
  lua_getfield(LUA, -1, "match");
  lua_pushstring(LUA, string);
  lua_pushstring(LUA, pattern);
  lua_call(LUA, 2, 1); //2args, 1ret
  ret = lua_toboolean(LUA, -1);
  lua_pop(LUA, lua_gettop(LUA));
  return ret;

int lua_check_variable_name(lua_State *LUA, const char *string) {
return lua_string_match(LUA, string, "^[%a_][%w_]*$"); //TODO: Prepsat do lua souboru???

S pozdravem
Best regards
     Tomáš Mudruňka - SPOJE.NET s.r.o.